Shahram Farshadfar


POSITION HELD: Artist / writer

1954– I landed in a loving Jewish home in Iran “Land of Kings, not the Mullah’s.”

1972- Totally secure, yet agnostic I studied Concrete Constructions.

1978- Survived mandatory services in The Shah’s (The King, not the mullah) army.

1979- Crash of 78 moved me to New York where the culture shock and freedom allowed me to follow a dream and major in Fine Art at NY. Tech.

However, maintaining social standards as an artist seemed to be impossible.

1982- Fashion 101. Manufacturing glamorous cover-ups in glorious profitable 7th Ave. “off course!”

1987- First came love and then came marriage then came two babies in one baby carriage!

1994- The Chariot stopped in LALA land. Study of Comparative religion and Iconic behavior aka human behavior led me to Magic where I created the God of illusions & began reprogramming my subconscious.

1995- Practicing Hypnotherapy introduced me to Zorak.

“So it shall be written.” Zorak commanded. And I wrote ”Zorak, a true adventure.”

2001- Judgment struck the Towers and Death did us part. The Chariot stopped in NY where The Sun was missing and The Devil had captured The Lovers.

“So it shall be done.” Zorak suggested!

2002- I rebelled against my father’s kingdom and passed over to the land of milk and honey; the heavenly Palm Springs. Soon Wheels of Fortune brought me to Justice. I was divorced.

With “Zorak, a true adventure” in hand and Hermit’s guidance, The Hanged

Man transformed to The Magician and The Fool began to live.

Comment: I believe laughter overrides fear at the subconscious level.  

I confront societies with their own taboos by expressing myself through my artworks joyfully, beautifully, radically and humorously.

I promote love and peace dynamically and view life beyond Iconic behavior aka Human behavior.

References: Abraham & Sarah, Ra, Ramses, Moses & Sapura, Mithra, Zarathustra, Josef, Merry & Jesus,

Buddha & Quan Yin, Mohammad & Fatima, Shams & Rumi, Shinto & Omikami.


Organizations: Artists Council Board of Governors Palm Springs Art Museum 2007-2009.